Sean's 31 Point Plan to Improve the 31st Ward

  1. Advocate for full funding of our neighborhood public schools
  2. Work to put in place a democratically elected representative school board
  3. Maintain the moratorium on school closings even after the February elections
  4. Fight for the use of TIF money in public schools
  5. Improve school safety without further disciplining students
  6. Create a bridge between schools and parents to increase parents involvement in their children’s lives
  7. Restore arts, foreign languages, and physical education programs in our schools
  8. Reduce outdated standardized tests and create stronger learning environments in our schools
  9. Convince the Mayor’s office to hire more police officers and assign more officers to our ward’s beats
  10. Work with neighborhood leaders, beat officers, and CAPS to create a more trusting and reciprocal relationship
  11. Strengthen community watch programs
  12. Create economic development without displacing our residents
  13. Promote and assist residents in developing neighborhood businesses
  14. Create a multicultural restaurant and bar district in the ward
  15. Encourage business development that utilizes vacant building space and creates new jobs in the ward
  16. Work to bring additional grocery store options to the ward
  17. Stop predatory tactics aimed at property owners
  18. Reduce the tide of foreclosures
  19. Create more affordable housing options in our community
  20. Open the ward office up to the community and encourage participation in deciding what matters most to our residents
  21. Develop more green space and park district space, including a turf soccer field
  22. Create a resource center as part of the ward office to provide more computer and internet access to our residents
  23. Advocate on behalf of our undocumented residents and fight to keep families together
  24. Raise our minimum wage to an actual living wage
  25. Work to make sure that the city budget funds neighborhoods like ours, not just upscale areas like downtown and along the lake shore
  26. Use more of the ward budget on fixing pot holes, getting rid of rats, removing graffiti, and fixing the sidewalks
  27. Work to bring free internet access hotspots to the ward
  28. Increase access to our ward by increasing the CTA bus service lines and times and by bringing a bike share program to the ward
  29. Develop more free health clinics and restore the city’s mental health facilities
  30. Work for a solution to fund our pensions that protects the state and city’s working class people who have paid into the system out of every one of their paychecks
  31. Strengthen the relationship between the ward’s residents and its alderman: