Through his work as an attorney and a teacher, Sean Starr has dedicated his career to helping others improve their lives.

Whether in the courtroom or the classroom, Sean has fought for justice and the empowerment of the underrepresented. As Alderman for Chicago’s 31st Ward, Sean will continue to fight for our community by working to strengthen our neighborhood schools, increase our public safety, provide more affordable housing options, develop our local economy and bring more jobs to the Ward, strengthen our infrastructure, and hold City Hall accountable to all the people of Chicago.

Sean’s unique background has prepared him to serve the diverse residents of the 31st Ward. Sean was raised on Chicago’s northwest side by a middle class family. What his family lacked in wealth, they made up for in personality. Growing up, Sean’s parents cultivated an “open door policy” that provided food, shelter, and friendship to many different people. This created a diverse learning environment for Sean and his two brothers and helped him develop a respect for other peoples’ traditions, cultures, and beliefs. It also instilled in Sean the power that community has to overcome struggle and difficult circumstances.

Sean’s family combined his multicultural experience with a fundamental emphasis on education. Sean’s mom, Sharon, is Chicago Public School teacher who has spent her career teaching students in underserved communities. She developed Sean’s belief that a strong public education can change any child’s life for the better. This became clearer to Sean after he married his wife, Beth, who is also a CPS high school English teacher.

Sean graduated from DePaul University Law School where he earned an international law certificate after studying human rights, business, and labor and employment law. Sean had the opportunity to study law on four different continents. At each stop, he found that in order to solve global legal problems he needed to learn about global communities and cultures. Before that, Sean received a master’s degree in English from UIC. This interdisciplinary experience has made him uniquely poised to find innovative solutions to the Ward’s longstanding and emerging problems.

Sean started his teaching career as an adjunct English Professor at Columbia College in 2004. He taught throughout law school and continues to teach to Columbia’s diverse student body today. After law school, Sean helped start a successful labor and employment law practice. As a lawyer, Sean has practiced in a variety of contexts representing a wide range of clients. His primary practice area involved representing the Chicago Police Union against the City of Chicago, and he has also represented many individual clients in their pursuit of justice.

More than anything else, Sean’s experiences have taught him that while some problems have only one solution, most have many solutions. For Sean, finding the best solution necessarily requires considering the big picture and all the individuals involved.

Sean lives in west Logan Square with his wife Beth, baby daughter Ada, and their two cats. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, reading, playing basketball, and traveling.