First of all, I am running because I have long felt the pull of public service. I am confident I can help the most people and have the biggest impact on my community by running for office.

Secondly, I believe that our leaders have moved decidedly away from representing the interests of the common person. Too many politicians put money ahead of their constituents. I am not beholden to big business or the Mayor’s office. Likewise, too many incumbents have been unwilling or unable to adapt and change with the times. I have the skills and perspective to better our community.

I am running for the people of this ward. Our public schools should be the focus of our community. The more resources we put into our schools, the more resources our children will have to succeed in the future that awaits them. Our public safety has to be a community effort. If we cannot live in our community without fear, then we do not have a community to live in. Our ward’s affordable housing needs to be strengthened. If we cannot keep our residents in our community, then we will not have a community. Our ward’s economy must be developed. If we concentrate on bringing investment into the ward instead of letting it leave, jobs and economic growth will likewise stay put in the ward. All of these are independent issues. But if we do not have an alderman who focuses on them interdependently, the entire ward will suffer.

I am running because the City of Chicago needs a stronger City Council. Aldermen should have a significant influence on important policy matters. Too many current aldermen are afraid to make waves. As a result, the mayor’s office becomes the only voice in the room. We already have seen the outcome: a 75 year long bad contract for the parking meters, TIF money siphoned out of the neighborhoods into the pockets of private downtown developers, and the red light ticket fiasco are only some examples of what can happens when a weak City Council does not stand up for the people of Chicago.

I am running to fight for the public employees, the undocumented Americans, the minimum wage earners, and any other underrepresented group currently under attack from the upper class. I firmly believe that the City Council has a responsibility to put the needs of the middle and working class people in this city first. We are the heart and soul of the greatest city in the world.

I promise that as your alderman I will work for you and with you to shape our community and our city. My office will have an “open door policy” that allows for open lines of communication with all ward’s residents. I will be a progressive, independent, transparent, and available leader.

Working together, we can make our ward a better place.

We are One Community. We are One Ward. We are Thirty One.